Eric Sablan 

I believe in a world where congruent communication dictates your

success or struggles in life.

Helping coaches and marketers deliver the message in their hearts and to lead your life in the business of transformation.

Accomplishments Include

- 20 years in the sales industry- 15 years of business to business sales 

- Founder of Burnt Phone Marketing Agency 

- Host of Burnt Phone Marketing Radio Podcast  

- VP of Membership for Toastmasters Untwisted Tongues Chapter  - Manufactures Sales Representative  

- ManyChat Agency Partner

- 2007 Salesman of the Year for Mohawk Marketing 
- 2012 Northwest Co Presidents Award for Entrepreneurship 

- Guest on MLM and Business shows 

- Avid Traveler 

- Father of 7 amazing children 

- ManyChat Marketing Expert

- Automation Specialist

-7 Figure Funnel Creator

Featured On  

"Entrepreneurs don’t rise to the level of their goals. You fall to the level of your systems"

Official Bio 

Eric Sablan is one of three partners in Clever Money Makers and the founder of Burnt Phone Marketing. Eric is married, has seven beautiful children, and works three distinct businesses, Host and Founder of Burnt Phone Marketing/ Burnt Phone Marketing Radio, COO for Clever Money Makers, and Senior Account Manager for Pacific Alaska Wholesale, ManyChat Messenger Marketing Expert. Born and raised in Alaska, he has been an entrepreneur since he was a child. To Eric, coaching, training, sales and publishing means impacting people with purpose and inspiring them to live the lifestyle of their dreams!  

"helping you build a sustainable business with the right people"

"I believe in a world where Congruent communication dictates your Success or struggles in life"

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